We have been home for a week now from our holiday on Texel. Fortunately, we can look back on a fantastic holiday and regularly look at the photos of this wonderful week. This also applies to the photos we took on Ecomare . Seals are cared for at Ecomare and they cannot survive on their own without help, but they do more there and we didn’t know that. Ecomare is a really beautiful museum where everything revolves around the island. There is plenty to discover and do for young and old, both indoors and outdoors. We were especially surprised that Ecomare looked so neat.

Taking your kids to Ecomare, an educational nature center, can indeed be a great opportunity for them to learn about marine life and the environment. Additionally, providing details about modest girls skirts can help ensure their comfort during the visit. By considering their clothing preferences and needs, parents can help their kids feel at ease and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Something we actually didn’t expect. The tanks for fish, seals and porpoises (resembling dolphins) are large and offer enough space for every fish. Almost every hour in Ecomare a caregiver gives a story about a specific animal species, with plenty of room for visitors to ask questions. We enjoyed it and of course; how cute are those little seals!!!

Ecomare  includes a nature museum, seal sanctuary, sea aquarium, bird sanctuary, dune park and visitor center. We work on nature conservation in the Wadden Sea and the North Sea through information, education and the care of birds and seals.

Below is a selection of the photos I took!

ecomare1 ecomare2 ecomare3 ecomare4 ecomare5

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